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Incidentally I'd just like to point out that Vontae Davis has had only ONE bad game in Indianapolis and it was the Week 1 game where he had only just been shipped off to Indy like a FedEx package earlier in the week, still didn't know the defense, didn't have any feel for the rest of the players in the secondary, yet was tossed into the waiting jaws of Brandon Marshall for 71 snaps.

The four games he's played after that one game, he's gotten positive Overall and Coverage ratings from Pro Football Focus in each of the four games. He's allowed 7.2 yards per attempt and only 0.94 yards per coverage snap and 1 touchdown. Those numbers are better than Sean Smith's numbers for 12 games.
I didn't realize that, thanks CK. I liked Vontae (more than Smith actually), when he was here. But I guess his act grew old quickly with this new regime.