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Thread: Mando: Jake Long done for the year, what now? good article

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    Quote Originally Posted by finomenal View Post
    I can't speak for others, but I don't knee jerk. I've been saying since the beginning of the season that I don't want Long back. If Martin gets destroyed, oh well. The solution imo doesn't involve spending serious money on Long when he cannot be counted on to stay healthy. He breaks down every year. Other teams find good left tackles without committing a huge portion of their cap to it. We need to follow suit.
    I disagree. LT's are hard to find. The problem with Jake is his salary. If he accepts a salary that is porportionate to his performancem them i would like to see him back. If he wants to be in the top 5 money wise, then let him go and start over with Martin and draft another tackle in the 3rd round next year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miamiron View Post
    25 million and you want playmakers???
    Try 19 million after we sign our draft class and Jake Long

    What about the 22 players left or their replacements that are left on this team
    Sign Starks and subtract approximately 6 million now leaving 13 million total

    Sign Hartline and subtract approximately 4 million leaving 9 million

    Sign Smith and subtract at least 5 million or more leaving 4 million left

    We need to sign 2 QBs since only Tanny is under contract next season
    figure a vet and maybe Devlin again approximately 3 million leaving
    1 million left for signing these players or their replacements

    1 million to sign the players or their replacements below


    Sorry, but their will be NO playmakers signed if we franchise Jake Long
    bubububut it is Big Jake!
    The above post is not subject to penalty under the TOS I declare the Hayden Fox defense. " It is impossible for the staff to know my context therefore I cannot be penalized"

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