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He absolutely is. One of the main differences between the SEC and the Pac-12 is where they tend to put their best athletes. SEC coaches like to try 'em on defense first in a lot of cases, then move to the offensive side of the ball if it's not a fit. It's the opposite in the Pac-12.

The fact that this kid wasted away for 2 years at the RB position due to Neuheisel trying to fit a square peg in a round hole is inexplicable. I don't know of any top notch SEC coach that wouldn't have had Barr playing linebacker from the moment he stepped on campus. A 6'4", 235 pound athlete like that is going straight from the parking lot to defense around here. Jim Mora being a defensive coach by trade, didn't take long to figure it out.

Neuheisel is just a terrible coach, and even more clueless when it comes to college football. I figured that out watching him try to force feed that pistol offense when he didn't have the personnel to run it. Now that he's fired and out of a job, we get to listen to him on the radio whine about the SEC and listen to all of his pro-Pac-12 propaganda.

Same for Keenan Allen who was a Bama commit all the way up to the last minute. He was being recruited as a safety to Bama. He had a handler Saban refused to deal with. We tend to turn down every player who has a handler or demands a "twofer".

Which is why Tedford just got fired at Cal. He let Keenan Allen strap him with an abomination at the QB position as part of the Allen package deal. Matter of fact, the word I hear from one of the parents of a Cal player is that Allen refused to workout, made it known in no uncertain terms that he wouldn't play with any other quarterback besides Maynard, and generally did whatever he wanted.

I doubt any of that will ever make it to the pen of a journalist or sportswriter... or draftnik.. but it's something that's likely to affect the way teams view Allen and his ability to be coached when they begin their due diligence into what type of kid he is.
Appreciate the insight.