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It really depends on how the draft falls as to how soon I would look at Allen. What I do know is this... if I'm taking a receiver in the top 15 of this draft, it's going to be Cordarrelle Patterson. I certainly don't subscribe to any notion that Allen belongs in a category with Julio Jones or A.J. Green, if such a notion exists. He's a nice package at the wide receiver position though.

Personally, I don't think a team like Miami could do any better than a Cordarrelle Patterson/Stedman Bailey combination. If you can come away with that, you're well on your way in my estimation.

As for the CB position, I just haven't been able to identify a specific player among the Senior class that separates from the pack. I have a similar take on most of 'em. They essentially stack up in groups together as opposed to individually. It comes down more to scheme fit and what type of corner you're looking for in order to choose one over the other at this point. Again, if I'm taking one in the top 15 or so picks here, it'd be Milliner.

I realize the need to address these positions, although I wouldn't allow myself to pass up a talent I feel much better about at a different position for the sake of addressing the need...especially if I were to end up on the clock inside the top 10 picks.
I think the Patterson situation reminds me so much of the Woods/Lee situation the past 2 years at USC. From the very first game against NC State, with his 67 yard TD run, and the big plays throughout the year, you find yourself not wanting to believe he is better than Justin Hunter because he is new on the scene. However, much like with Lee surpassing Woods, I would take Patterson all day, everyday over Hunter. Patterson has some TO-esque qualities to him, in how dangerous he is in the intermediate game, and how he uses his body to shield defenders.

Although part of the issue with Patterson is how sure are you about the guy, when you have a 5 week stretch where he has only 10 catches. I think a lot of the Patterson hype is based on projection. For a JUCO guy, you take out a 9 catch, 219 yard effort against Troy, and you have a guy with 37 catches for for 559 yards. Is this a guy who is worthy of a top 15 pick? When you read stories of him talking of his lack of love for the game in high school, it makes you wonder if his heart is going to be in it once he finds some adversity in the pros.

All that being said, I am on board with Patterson in the top 15. For how good he already is, the arrow is pointing up, and he hasn't really tapped into all of his potential. If I am Jeff Ireland, and this guy can convince me he wants to be the best, to help grow Ryan Tannehill to elite status, then I am thinking long and hard about pulling the trigger on this guy. He is the most explosive player of his size in the draft, and can wreak havoc on secondaries for years to come.