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Thread: I'm suing a mexican

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    Great work Dovahkiin. I wouldn't have paid them though.
    And now his fires have gone out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerdolphin View Post
    Dovah, Im glad you caught on to their Mexican schemes before they had a chance to get at you. Its sad that you cant hire anyone these days and expect a honest day's work.
    That is where you are wrong... Dova got fooled by the lazy Mexican You see, these folks down south are very clever. They had planned out the fall to get off work early. When your kind wife made them lunch, they were offended you didn't offer them a place to sleep... they like to take naps after lunch fr some reason...

    But because they didn't get what they expected, they planned the fall, and seemingly threatened you with a lawsuit that would surely spoil your day. Luckily, Dova was smart enough to avoid the conflict altogether by threatening a counter lawsuit, one that is not just a ploy, that would end in more than just deportation. What a wise man Dova is!
    I just want to win.
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