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some of us have been patient for 12 seasons...the patience with this franchise and its mismanagement is gone...the fact that we took a running based coach when the NFL changed the rules to make you throw the ball should show the idiots we have up front...gator appreciation day should show you the idiots up front...LONG OVER RYAN should show you the level of stupid...giving away marshall should show you the idiots up front...the only reason they wont take jake now is because he hurt himself, otherwise ireland would have paid him 20 million a season to suck...how many draft picks do we have left from ireland's first 2 years?

it is hard to be patient with this team...he asked a question...why dont you answer it instead of deflecting it..
It's not Ryan's fault you have been waiting 12 years, it's not Philbin's fault. They just got here, give them a chance to succeed.

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That's not an excuse to not be patient with a rookie QB

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Lol did you lose an avy bet?
No, I tend to use humor as a defense mechanism, it is helping me get through this season.