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First of all, I never thought I'd see a Jet fan support our starting QB and receiving so many thanks by Dolphin fans.

We have two other decent QB's on this team, and his name is Matt Moore and Pat Devlin is the other. It's apparent Coach Philbin had no intent in winning this year, which may explain why he did not insert Moore, after Tannehill's injury, when he had the perfect opportunity to do so. So, if your not really trying to win and your playing for the future, which I don't know what that means, because to me the future is now, anyway, I feel it short changes the fan, and then the fans become totally disenfranchised. Many of us felt Matt Moore looked pretty good against the Jets and that he gave us our best win of the season and best chance to win today. We were firing on all 8 cylinders with Matt Moore and with Tannehill, he seemed like his was running on 3. (flat)

Nothing genuine about that and it is not as nice as you think it is. If the Jets Junk Boy thinks of Tannehill as I do of Sanchez then of course he wants us to be patient. I am supporting Mark Sanchez as the Jets franchise QB too.