At Baylor, Ireland was known for making difficult kicks but missing the easy ones. Against Rice in 1991, for example, he made a 58-yard field goal, then missed field goals of 43, 45, and 27 yards. Baylor, a 20.5 point favorite, lost the game by three points. Baylor was ranked 8th in the AP poll at that time, and has never been ranked that high since.

All I want for Christmas is a Real GM Man. Not this Dude. Someone who breathes Dolphins Football the way we do. Maybe somebody with Ties to the Dolphins. Not a Texas Dude, with ties to the Cowboys and Parcells. New GM. Keep Philbin. Do something with these Draft Picks and get some Free Agents and Wide receivers for Tannehill, and we can be in the Playoff Hunt next December instead of talking about the Draft.