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Would you like some salsa for that chip on your shoulder? Or you can just keep crying about how being an ******* towards everyone but white males wasn't a good strategy to win the Presidency. I guess it's really your choice...

Iíd rather speak the truth and lose elections than have to lie and buy peopleís votes with other peopleís money. You canít win on the issues and you know it.

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It would change a lot of people's voting tendencies if they were required to pay the higher rate they were trying to push on others.
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Imagine how different our government might look if it were a "a la carte" in which each voter only paid for the programs he supported. How many would suddenly become advocates of smaller government?
Exactly, if a person didnít contribute to the pie how is it fair they get to determine how it is sliced?

I wish we could just check off which programs we wanted our tax dollars to go to on our tax sheets. If I want all of my money to go to defense it should all go to defense, that way politicians would have to lobby for our money and how they want to spend it, if a program wasnít properly funded then it is obvious the people donít value it enough to fund it and it must be eliminated.