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Top 10 worst run states in America per 24/7 Wall St. Based on many factors including debt per capita, % w/out healthcare, % under poverty, and % of unemployment.

Blue States: California, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island
Red States: Arizona, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana
Purple States: New Mexico, Nevada

So lets go back to your statement. "Look at most of the struggling states and municipalities in the country and you will find something in common, they vote democrat."

Well out of the 10 worst run states, 4 are red, 4 are blue, and 2 are neutral. That sure doesn't seem like most to me.
Kentucky state control is democratic, believe its been close to century the last time republicans had the house. Louisiana had been blue dominated until very recently...a little ahead of the curve of Mississippi and Alabama with Republicans getting control for the first time in over a century in the last election for both those states.