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Brady may have missed 1 wide open play to Hernandez. You think Brady would miss all 4 of those throws, let alone miss a wide open WR TWICE? You have lost your mind. Brady has made waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more throws than he has missed. Brady has 3 Superbowl Rings. Brady has 10 division titles. Brady has an undefeated regular season under his belt. I can keep going but I think you get my point.

Tom Brady has earned the right to miss a couple throws. Hell he has even earned the right to cost his team a game here or there, but there is no doubt he is a franchise QB.

Your argument is invalid.

I didnt say Tannehill is NOT a franchise QB or he cant be. I just said he needs to make WIDE OPEN plays and that the jury is still out on him. If you think he is the franchise QB we have been waiting for with what you have seen this season, then your standards are low for a franchise QB.
Thats the point according to you as a "Franchise QB" he shouldn't miss any! Also, for the record he missed "two" everything else you've written is trying to amend your point after the fact. Like I said fans/opinion givers can't be consistant but the expect a rookie Qb to be a Franchise Qb right away!