I know there's reports that we'll be $40million under the cap and it's easy to think we're going to get a few free agents but the reality is the money will go fast and most of it could go to players we already have. This is why I think we need to let Long walk unless he's willing to take 5 or 6 mil a year which I doubt he'll want to do. If we use the tag on him, it'll cost 15 mill which leave us with 25mil. Starks who we must keep will cost 8 or 9 Hartline could cost 6 or 7(I want us to keep him) and Smith could cost another 5 or 6.So just those 3 players might cost us about 20million. You'll need another 5 just for the draft which we have 10 picks including 5 in the first 3 rounds so we might even need more than 5 and that'd put us right at the top of the cap. You still have Fasano and Bush and if they walk then we need yet another TE and maybe even a RB. Now if we do let Long walk we'd have those 15 mil to work with. You can draft a RT in round 2 or 3 for a fraction and keep Martin at LT.Now you can go after a guy like Wallace. But after him we might not have much left for anyone else. Now if we can get Starks, Hartline and Smith for around 16 or 17 instead of 20 you have a chance to get a couple of more guys but tagging Long will mean we wont get any top free agents at all. I know Philbin wants to built thru the draft but you need to use free agency too. We need a proven WR at the very least and maybe a TE. That'd set us up for the draft.

Ozzy rules!!