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If we do go WR route in the first round, the position is very deep at the top tier. I would try to trade down late first and pick up hopefully another 3rd.

Keenan Allen is the top of the list but his recent injury should drop him some.
Terrance Willaiams, Robert Woods, Justin Hunter, Tavon Austin, DeAndre Hopkins

Robert Woods was considered a top 10 pick at the start of the year, but a poor season dropped his stock.

I would def. say WR is probably the most loaded position of this draft. Maybe take 2 WR's in the second and go with DE in the first. (Assuming we don't make a splash in FA on Bowe/Wallace etc.)

Guard and Tackle with the two 3rd's.

I think you would get a lot of disagreement that WR is deep in this draft.

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I want a Wide Receiver as well. This will be a nice draft class for WR's. No need to spend our 13th pick on it. 2nd, 3rd and 4th round will have solid options available. I want to spend the 13th pick on D.

My Top 3 Choices for WRs are:

1. Marqise Lee - USC - 112 Rec| 1,680 Yards | 14 TD's | 15.0 Avg. | May not be eligible for 2013 draft
2. Stedman Bailey - WVU - 106 Rec| 1,501 Yards | 23 TD's | 14.2 Avg. | Lead the nation in TD's scored. Deadly in the redzone. | Projected to be available in the 2nd or 3rd.
3. Quinton Patton - LT - 104 Rec | 1,392 Yards | 13 TD's | 13.4 Avg. | Back-to-back 1,000 Yard seasons. 10+ TD's in each one. | Projected to be available in the 2nd or 3r
I thought Lee was a Sophmore and not eligible?