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Interesting. Not saying I like it, but its interesting to say the least. So if a team is down by 10, they get a TD, instead of hoping for an onside kick, they would just have to convert a 4th and 15 and get a new set of downs.
This is the part I don't like. The chances of recovering an onside was probably about even throughout the league, with this rule the team that has Tom Brady will have an enormous advantage in recovering the ball after a score over a lot of teams. Remember when we had Pennington? It was basically a guaranteed punt coming up if we had a 3rd and 10.

A team like the Patriots against a defense like ours could easily come back from 21 down with 4 or 5 minutes left. If they are going to do this I think the ball should still have to come off somebodies foot after a score.