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In Miami, apparently 1st round quarterbacks don't either. Look, season ticket sales are not going to instantly go up because Ireland is fired. Sparano was public enemy #1 in 2011 and once Ross replaced him with Philbin, ticket sales dropped. Even if Ross would fire Ireland after this season, I bet you the ticket sales would again drop or stay about the same, I wouldn't anticipate any major increase.

So since Ross already knows that there will continue to be poor local support in 2013 the question becomes whether or not you think Ireland is the guy to turn the team around. I know Ireland has been here since 2008, but I guarantee you that Ross gave him somewhat of a pass for what happened between 2008-2010 because Parcells was in charge of the football department those offseasons. I truly believe that Ross is judging Ireland on what he has been able to do from 2011 on and since this a new type of team under Philbin than it was under Parcells/Sparano. I am not saying Ireland should be retained, but I am certainly not surprised it appears he will be.
If you bring in exciting names then people will come. Tannehill and Philbin were no names that excited no one. Most people thought Tannehill wouldn't even play this year. Ireland hasn't done much positive since 2011 either. His draft last year pretty much sucked outside of Pouncey.