Iíve been reading a lot lately about our lack of performance on offense and I am wondering who is more to blame, our scouts and GM or our coaches? Looking at the 2012 draft class and how some players have performed on other teams as compared to our draft picks reveals our picks are underperforming in my opinion. Did we pick worse talent or are we doing a worse job of coaching up our guys? Take a look at the following statsÖ

Tannehill (8): 2559 yards, 57.9% completions, 7 TD/12 INT, 72.3 QB rating
Weeden (22): 2820 yards, 57% completions, 13 TD/15 INT, 72.3 QB rating
Wilson (75): 2344 yards, 63.4% completions, 19 TD/8 INT, 95.2 QB rating
Foles (88): 793 yards, 60.9% completions, 2 TD/3 INT, 73.3 QB rating

We currently rank 23rd in the NFL in passing and Tannehill ranks near the bottom of all QB's in QB rating. I am a fan of Tannehill and I believe he was the right pick but how can we expect him to carry this offense unless he has a legitimate threat at WR to throw to? We had plenty of opportunities to sign, trade for or draft a #1 WR last offseason and failed to do so. I put this deficiency on Ireland. Didn't he claim during a Hard Knocks episode that our receiving core would look far different on opening day? What happened with that?

Miller (97): 27 carries, 145 yards (5.4 ypc), 1 TD
Turbin (106): 45 carries, 182 yards (4.0 ypc), 0 TD
Rainey (159): 21 carries, 79 yards (3.8 ypc), 2 TD
Ballard (170): 127 carries, 468 yards (3.7 ypc), 1 TD
Morris (173): 230 carries, 1106 yards (4.8 ypc), 6 TD
Brown (229): 75 carries, 488 yards (6.5 ypc), 4 TDís

The RB position blows me away! I could not be more confident in Lamar Miller's ability and believe he is more talented then all of the RBís drafted behind him (including Morris and Brown). Why arenít we using him more? The responses I hear most frequently are his lack in ability to pass protect and that he is struggling to learn the offense. Really? How are other teams able to get their 6th and 7th round selections up to speed and find productive ways to use them? Certainly, being drafted 2-3 rounds behind our guy suggests these players had deficiencies of their own entering the draft. We currently rank 17th in the NFL in rushing which isn't horrible but, it isnít productive enough to keep a talent like Miller on the bench. Once considered the #2 RB in the draft behind Richardson, Miller sits on a shiny 5.4 yards per carry average while D. Thomas continues to get ample opportunity to prove he's only worth a 3.5 yard gain (one of the lowest ypc averages in the league). I think the coaches get the blame on this one. Quit talking about how excited you are about Miller's ability. Instead, coach him up and insert him in the lineup!

Fleener (34): 22 catches, 248 yards, 1 TD
Allen (64): 36 catches, 435 yards, 2 TD
Egnew (78) 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 TDís

I understand that Fleener and Allen were both drafted ahead of Egnew but as the 3rd TE selected in the draft is it too much to expect that we get a guy we could at least activate during the year? As one of the weakest teams at the TE position and the 24th ranked receiving team you would think a 3rd round TE talent would be able to contribute in some way. I blame everyone for this one, including (and especially) Egnew himself.