What Jason Cole is saying makes no sense at all. He's saying that Ireland needs a chance to built around Tannehill but I guess he's forgetting to say that Ireland is the one who traded away Marshall but didn't replave him. Ireland didn't draft a WR till the 6th round. Sorry but he's have 5 years and all of a sudden Ireland will get the players we need? What does it take for some people to see this guy sucks? Look, I've never met the guy so I have nothing personal against him. I just don't believe he's a good GM and I don't trust that he'll get the free agents we need and I don't trust him with the draft either. 5 picks in the first 3 round and someone else should be making those picks and for those that will say that Ireland got us those picks, he got those cause he messed up in the first place. We have an extra 3rd thanks to the fact HE traded away 2 #2's to get Marshall and in return got 2 3rd's.....we have an extra 2nd thanks to the fact HE used a 1st on Davis but got a 2nd in return so don't you dare start giving him credit for those 2 extra picks.

Ozzy rules!!