“I like what the Dolphins are doing. I’m a big outsider fan of the Dolphins,” said former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer, now an ESPN analyst who lives in the Bay Area. “I think Ireland’s done a better job, and I really like (Joe) Philbin, I think he’s a fantastic coach.”

“They’re not nearly as quick a turnaround as maybe the Niners were, although you get the QB – and they hit on the QB – it makes it easier.”
Here is the rock star quote again with a little more added to it:
Tannehill, No. 8 overall pick this spring, won his job in training camp. Dilfer thinks Tannehill is the key to a turnaround.

“He’s a fantastic player. I think he’s going to be an absolute rock star in this league,” Dilfer said. “When you have a quarterback like they have in Tannehill, they can mask some flaws for a while while you rebuild the roster.”
Here is a quote from Kim Bokamper:
Could the Dolphins – with a new coach and young quarterback of their own – duplicate the 49ers’ turnaround in a year or two?

“You look at those draft picks on that team, you go, ‘Wow, they’ve gotten a lot of big-time studs in the draft,’” said former Dolphins linebacker Kim Bokamper, now part of the radio broadcast team. “But look how long it took San Francisco to stockpile some of those guys. It’s not an overnight thing, but I think the Dolphins are well on their way.”