Yesterday i was slow at work and i spent most of my time watching everything i could on this wr class, some players i have watched several games and some just game highlights and low points so this is just my observation on a scale of 1-100

this WR class is very deep imo but there is no calvin johnson stud #1 but there are some very good #2s and a few that could turn out to be good #1s

1.justin hunter- (84) he has all the physical ability in the world and for a tall wr he is quick, has had some issues with drops but he is my #1 just based on raw talent and i wouldnt mind seeing him in a fins uni in 2013 (acl scares me a little)

2.cordarrelle patterson-(80) this guy is a little hard to evaluate he is not as fluid as hunter but his run after catch abilty is sick, they line this guy up at rb and he can cut on a dime, he might end up being the best out of this class or a guy that cant adjust to the nfl.

3.terrance williams-(78)-I really like this kid and he can be a solid #2 but i dont see him being a #1 he runs crisp routes and adjust to the ball good. solid player but doesnt scream im a beast.

4.keenan allen-(78)- i know everyone loves this kid but as i watched this guy play i just didnt see his game translating to the nfl not sure why becasue he is electric but seems to be more of a possession wr, to me he is smooth but not very sudden and goes down easy. nice #2 imo.

5.robert woods-(77)- i like woods he seems a little off in 2012 not as explosive but his 2011 tape is better, maybe he is injured but the kid can play. he doesnt have blazing speed but is a good route runner and has soft hands. his partner lee is a freaking best and would be #1 on my list fyi.

6.cobi hamilton-(77)-sleeper alert, played on a bad team but he is fast (listed at 4.58 but plays faster) big 6'3 and i think he can be a starter for a team at some point. would be a steal in the 3rd.

7.tavon austin-(80)- i like his game but he is just small, if you need a fast slot guy he is #1 on the board he is ranked 80 for his position because he will play the slot and contribute, please dont let him go to the patriots.

8.deandre hopkins- (77)- needs to improve his stance on the line he is hunched over, is very quick and he can start in this league if he works hard and improves his fundamentals. i like him alot talent wise.

9.markus wheaton- (75)- wow this guy is big and can fly great hands, havent seen much of him but my guess he will be drafted higher than alot of these guys based on speed.

10.steadman bailey- i know his numbers are crazy but i cant rate him because i havent watched enough film.

others that have caught my eye jordan matthews wr from vandy 6-3 200 4.5 with good hands. im sure there are some i didnt mention sorry if i didnt hit on your player i only had so much time.

to sum this up there can be some real good wr's had in the late 2nd early 3rd but if the dolphins want a stud #1 wr they might want to look in free agency and draft a couple of these guys in the mid rounds and develop them.