Remember how exciting it was to watch the Phins when they had Marino, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton? We threw the ball all over the place, and even if we got down 14-20 points, you knew we had the offense to come back. We never had much defense back then so we lost a lot of high scoring games, but at least you didn't sit there falling asleep.

I think we need a new coach and a new OC. I don't think adding more WR's is going to make the team any better, if we don't attempt plays that are going to move the ball down the field. How often do they call a play where you see Tannehill throwing it 25+ yards down the field? Maybe once a game? Tops. Early in the year we were throwing it downfield to Hartline....why have we stopped? Are we trying to be Conservative so we can keep games close? Or does Sherman/Philbin play not to lose?

Every year we seem to average right around 15 to 17 points a game, and this just won't win you many games. Look at the Patriots...even if they have a so so defense at times, they can score at will. It's not just our lack of talent at WR, TE and even RB.....we have plain boring play calling, and I think this is why we have fewer and fewer fans going to games in Miami. I know some of this is very obvious, but maybe someday we will have a new GM who can bring in coaches with a decent game plan on offense. Just my two cents.

Ohhhhh, and I don't know if there were any more posts on Jonathan Freeny's punt coverage (that he decided to walk across the goalline for a touchback), but I overheard another Dolphin's fan at the sport's bar saying, "Why are Dolphin players always doing stupid s*** like that?"

You just come to expect it these days.