Aaron Rodgers just threw a pass, much like a few of RTs passes today. Instead of it sailing incomplete Randall Cobb skies up in the air and pulls down the ball with one hand. Marlon Moore, Hartline and Bush all had chances to make great catches to help the team but failed to do so. I think we really need to get rid of the last piece of poison fruit from the Parcells tree, namely, Jeff Ireland. He has too much power and this season was inept in the free agent market. He also let go of Marshall and drafted recivers much too late in the draft and those picks haven't helped the team this year. He picked Egnew, how's that looking for a #3? Our defense is keeping us in games but this offense just isn't scoreing enough points. I say in round one get the best reciever on the board. Get Jennings or someone better in FA. Round 2 should be an Eddie Lacey type runner or one of the great tight ends from Stanford or Notre Dame or both because we have two 2s. Round 3, (we have two from the Marshall trade) the best o-lineman and the best Safety on the board. 2 new playmaking recievers, an awesome seam threat TE, a new power runner( like Eddie Lacey) and a athletic, talented Guard and the O can match the D. Then we can put up points and be much more exciting and fun to watch. It's hard to trust Ireland because his best thinking put the offense in the position it's in now.