tannehill did step up in the game some against wide pressure in the 2nd half especially...but i also see him just stand flat footed too much especially against wide speed rushers...and it seems like everytime we load up for one of those vertical pa calls sending only 2 wrs out on the route and keeping in extra protection he sets out of his drop too deep and if he would just take a step or two forward and set his feet those wide rushers trying to get an arm on him or his throwing arm wouldn't be able to...i haven't seen a lot of pressure up the middle from the interior defenders this year so if you have a natural pocket to step up in do so...it's a part of the learning process...his pocket presence and feel for backside pressure and pressure period is pretty good all things considered but it would be a whole lot better if he would just step up

watch the cream of the crop qbs they all step up and find time and space to the inside before delivering strikes...drew brees works the pocket like a maestro