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Dolphins biggest need is offense. someone to score some points. I would go WR and TE with 2 of the first 3 picks.

thats what im saying, everyone here complains about how bad our offense stinks and talks about how good our d-line is but yet they still want to draft Pass rushers in the 1st round lmao. So lets see, you have a weak terrible offense and you'd rather draft for your defense of line first? the best unit on the team? it makes no sense at all and one has to be wondering if jeff ireland is as a clueless as well. I think too many people on here get to obsessed with the camerons wakes of the world, yes hes good but he doesnt exactly generate turnovers folks.

Complaints from a daily dolphins fan
- "We have no Weapons on offense" my view - Than draft a WR in the early rounds but ofcourse you would prefer a pass rusher!
- "We have no play makers in our secondary" My view - Than draft a High rated CB from a top college in the early rounds but ofcourse you would rather draft a pass rusher!

Compliments of a daily dolphins fan
- "we have one of the best Defense of lines in the nfl, its stout vs the run!" my view- Than leave it alone and address more important needs like WR/CB but ofcourse you would rather draft a pass rusher!!!

In conclusion i think this team is cursed from top to bottom, the fans to the gms to the owners, its the indian burial grounds, we are a clumsy fall down on everyplay run into owns teammates on the field and even touchback our own punters perfect kicks inside the 5. I believe in this curse and i think its just too strong to get rid off. /frustratedfan