Hey Guys,

I watched the 49ers game and it just seems we just keep shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers.

If its not one things it's another.

After Ryan Tannehill's 5 straight in-completions in the drive, to set up a possible tie the game scenario, we give the 49ers the ball back with 4 mins left in the game, I had to turn the TV set off. So I am not even sure how the 49ers scored another TD, I haven't looked yet, but it was either a long pass or long run?

I believe Coach Philbin should start Matt Moore next weekend and then Pat Devlin the following weekend and then play the best player of these two on the last weekend.

Do I think Coach Philbin will do it, probably not, because if either of these guys shine, it may magnify Ryan Tannehill's short comings.

In my opinion, a good reason to do it on these next games is because they will be meaningless games and why not evaluate these 2 decent QB's. Secondly, why expose Ryan Tannehill to injury, that may carry over to next year.

Our offensive production has regressed considerably.

What do you guys think?