Anyone read the new book called "Undeated" by Mike Freeman? It chronicles the perfect season and provides so much great insight into each of the key players on the team and of course, Shula. It's a great read and I highly recommend it to any Phins-fan. What prompted me to bring this up is that the ulimate stupid play in the game yesterday just would never occured on a championship team as good, intelligent and disciplined as those Superbowl teams coached by Shula. The guys on the team were portrayed as being very intelligent - they were not the most athletic bunch with superstars everywhere - but they outsmarted and outworked everyone for about 3 straight years. They didn't make many mental errors. And if they did (see Garo Yepremian's whiff, blocked FG pass for a TD for the other team in the SB). Even though they won the game, the kicker was "dead" to the rest of the team for not "doing his job" and falling on the ball. It was so bad that the little "c__sucker" as Many Fernandez called him as he came off the field went into such a state of depression after that. Think about that. They go undeated, win the game despite the gaffe, but the team would not forgive him or forget it - their mentality was accountabilty to do your job, strive to execute perfectly on every play - nothing else was acceptable. Where is that desire in our team today? It should not be OK for a reserve LB to make such a bonehead play in a game and still be on the roster the next day. You want to breed a culture where winning is the only thing that matters, you have to show your team that having your head up your @SS is not acceptable. Anyway, if you haven't read this book you should!!!