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So I guess you are good with a 4-5 win season and another year of no playoffs....Just the kind of sheeple fans the Fins are counting on to hang around while they post another "L"

Meanwhile the Colts are 9-4 after being the worst team a year ago...Its all good...If you don't mind being a loser.
Hey SB, I think most of us Phin's fans are disappointed with another year where we don't make the playoffs, but I don't think most of expected to make the playoffs this year. I thought we would win between 7 and 9 games. Luck has been very "lucky" and the Colts have won a lot of close games, including the one against us. We lost a bunch of close ones, including the two in back-to-back weeks where Carpenter shanked what could have been game winners. We don't have any receivers as good as Reggie Wayne in Indy...our receivers are more like TY Hilton. We have to add talent on both sides of the ball.