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Thread: Omar Kelly: "Ryan Tannehill cannot throw-down the Middle?

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    Omar Kelly: "Ryan Tannehill cannot throw-down the Middle?

    And I quote (from the Dan Sileo interview today on WQAM):

    (In response to Sileo saying Tannehill can't see the middle field) "Yes, I'm glad you could see that. People who know football realize what he's doing. He doesn't attack linebackers, he only throws outside the hash marks."

    More gems from Omar...

    "He's never looked off a safety in his life."

    "He can't use the TE."

    @"Anyone who knows football..." No Omar, you arrogant for no reason prick, all you need is a brain and a pair of eyes to see that Tannehill throws over the middle quite well when his receivers get separation. Otherwise, he has to throw the perfect pass every time.
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