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Thread: Rewatched the 4th quarter and the incompletions

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    Somebody rewatched the 4th quarter and the incompletions

    On those 5 throws, you tell me what Ryan should have done differently.

    1) The first one Ryan had to throw it away because Willis came in unblocked.
    2) The designed deep throw to Matthews. No shot at making that one. Completely draped by the CB.
    3) Another throw away because of quick pressure and not finding anybody open.
    4) The play to Bess. I don't see how this is a "miss". Even Brady "misses" this almost every time. Rodgers was right in his hip pocket, and the throw was over the middle...The toughest throws to make in football are directly in front of the QB where he has no angle to fit a ball in. Nearly impossible throw to make...Plus, a play that should not have been called in the first place.
    5) I want to see the coaches film when it gets released tomorrow to see if anybody was open, but obviously the throw to Moore had no shot of being completed. Even if the throw was accurate (again, even a throw Brady probably doesn't hit), it probably gets knocked down because of coverage.

    Those 5 plays weren't on Tannehill. Sorry.
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