yea its cool that rookies are making a splash, but damn look who is around them.
1. wilson- he is by far in the best situation. he has a great running game, and actually has some wrs to throw the ball too, not to mention a nasty d.
2. luck/rg3- luck has some young but good weapons around him, two threats at te, hilton, avery, and not to mention wayne. rg3 has some weapons too, not to mention morris.
3. foles- mccoy, jackson (even tho he is hurt) maclin
4. tannehill/weedon- who the hell can they throw the ball too? atleast weedon has a beast in ridchardson. tannehill has alot to work on, but man when your wr cant get seperation what the hell is he suppose to do?

the players around these rookies are making them and breaking them. i dont get how they get all this praise but noone around them gets any credit. espescially wilson. i liked him coming out but damn. lynch deserves alot of credit.
luck makes some plays and is byfar the best rook in the class. but he does have some nice weapons.