I just re-watched the game with a self-imposed day off. After too many beers, I pulled a Garfield in " I Don't Do Mondays."

On O, there was Pouncey (as in every week), and little else. I did pay attention to Martin. He got beat up vs an All Pro giving up a sack, and a few other pressures but, was better than Long in run blocking. As we all have said since week 1, he has to get stronger, and get some experience. Pretty good, all things considered.

I have to question Sherman and/or RT throwing to Matthews and Moore when we needed plays to be made. I know we don't have a go to guy but, I have to take shots with Fasano, Hartline, Clay, Bess, or Bush in those situations. At least they have been in those situations before.

On D, there was yet another Great game from Wake, Starks played well, as did Misi (with sack #6) before going down. We did miss him, and I don't believe we give up that QB run with him out there. That's it.

Jones missed 3 tackles in his worst game. Smith was beat by the old guy, Crabtree, and the other guy (forget his name), in a horrible performance.

Carp and Fields were VG. Thigpen made a big mistake but, did come back well. Don't know why we did not have Bess back inside the 20, as we have done all year. ST's have had some problems the past few weeks. However, it's hard to fault Denny, who makes a bad snap every decade, Fields bobbling a snap after being our MVP, and Thigpen who has been Great all year.