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Its not so much that it keeps us alive, its that it really proves something.

The defense proved a lot to me in that game. The proved so much that aside from keeping most of the players we have intact going forward, I wouldnt make a huge fuss about upgrading a couple of spots on that side that could use it. Because face it, if our D was good enough to keep that offensive juggernaut in check, or at least hold them to an amount of points that should be manageable to beat them, that unit is good enough to accomplish what we all want.

The offense on the other hand continues to show that it is completely inept. Some serious changes need to be made on that side of the ball in order for this team to accomplish our goals. That Pats game was a huge indicator of that.

This Jags game on the other hand does nothing.....

Suppose the Jags drop 30 on us. Im not going to change my views on the defense going forward. Im going to say..... "you know what, when **** was on the line and we faced the dominant Pats offense, these guys came to play. I trust them in the future. Im not going to let one bad game in a situation late in the season where the game was meaningless sway my opinion". The only way philben could be gone is if jeff ireland gets fired and the next GM was to clean house and to be honest many usually do when the teams is bad but we will see.

On the other hand, suppose our offense lights the Jags up..... Big deal. The Jags get lit up by everyone outside of the Jests. Any decent offense should light up the Jags. What this offense has shown me over the course of the season is that they simply cant get the job done. When **** was on the line and this offense had its chance to beat the best team in our division handed to it on a silver platter by our defense, they **** the bed. In the big spot, they failed miserably. Throughout most of the season they played like dog****. I cant get excited over dropping 30 on the Jags.

If the offense plays poorly vs. the Jags.... well it just demonstrates further how much they blow.

Lets say worse case scenario they get blown out.... again, the defense proved to me they can play. If we get another pass rusher and a good CB, GREAT! If not, Im not lacking confidence with this same unit going into next season even if they play poorly vs. the Jags. It simply dosent matter. Im confident the defense is good enough for us to consistantly win games. I would not worry about upgrading positions on the defense at the expense of not getting help on offense.

The offense I KNOW is simply not good enough and we need serious changes. Nothing that could possibly happen in this Jags game is going to change any of that. Thats why this game is ****ing pointless and meaningless IMHO.

I dont buy into the idea that Philbin cant afford to lose the game or any of that BS. Thats just another angle being shot by Hayden to promote his "losing the locker room" agenda. If this team loses to the Jags I would say it isnt Philbin losing the locker room. Id simply say its more evidence that the offense blows beyond all belief.
A few things I disagree with. The defense hasn't shown me they can play consistently like a elite NFL team they have a good front 7 but overall the defense still has big wholes. The secondary shouldn't be even included when you say the defense can play. They have been wildly inconsistent and clear one of the worst in the league. Sean smith is a mediocre number 1 CB and a decent number 2 CB. Our current 2nd CB is ****ing horrible wouldn't even be on most teams. Our Free safety is mediocre/bad. Then the only problem I have with the front 7 that I think is worth upgrading in the the opposite side of wake. Wake is a beast and it's a CRIME that we are wasting his prime with no pass rush from his opposite site. He is the lone person that brings any good pass rush in our entire front 7. I also don't think losing the remaining games gets him fired but the media will crash hard on the dolphins and we will hear several "is philben the right guy" "is tannehill really the future" articles and will really not help both of their confidence in any way and leave a bad omen on the entire team. Yeah the hayden agenda **** was ****ing ******** and showed some unbiased towards philben, couldn't believe it was really him.