Can we please let the kid develop and hopefully add some talent on this team around him. How often is someone wide open? He has to be extremely accurate. He has shown some real promise. The success of luck, griffin and Wilson I think is making some of you guys forget that tannehill would need time to develop. It was assumed that he would sit behind moore or garrard his first year and mostly everyone seemed to be ok with that although most wanted him to start.
Now that he's starting instead of learning from the sideline people want to rush the development.

Our whole offense is not good. The running game gets like 2ypc. Can't run screens. Predictable crap. Two false starts in a row yesterday. Martin getting pushed on his ass. Its just been a tough year on offense in general.

All 3 rookie qbs succeeding right now were all known to be more NFL ready than Ryan tannehill. The only thing that hurt Wilson in the draft was his height. Can we please stop this week to week emotional rollercoaster. Everyone knew there would be a tough year with a rookie qb and rookie head coach but for some reason some people seem to have raised their expectations quite a bit from the start of the season.