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Thread: Losing Fatigue/Decade of Disappointment'.

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    OPINION Losing Fatigue/Decade of Disappointment'.

    I really think this is what all us hard core fans are starting to experience or suffer from.

    I know I am just as tired as the next guy with all of the loosing. I began to wonder why it is I/we are loosing patience with our team and why some of us (jury is still out for me) are not giving this new regime and QB the same benefit of the doubt we gave Sparano, Saban, Wanstedt (Left out Cameron as that was just a huge mistake) and I think they are they unfortunate recipients of the fan base being worn out by a the 'decade of disappointment'.

    I did some quick research and think I have pin pointed it... well at least for me.

    Most of us remember the Marino years and in those years we went a combined 132-81. That is 12 winning seasons, 4 8-8 seasons and one 6-10 season. Thats right, one losing season in 17 years. Think we all became a little spoiled?

    Since Marino retired (2000 to present) we have gone a combined 97-108. That is 5 winning seasons ( hard to remember those right now) and about to be 7 losing. If it wasnt for 2008 we would be on our 7th losing season in a row. Think about that...almost 7 in a row.... Thank you Chad Pennington for giving us a breather but for the most part It has been a meteoric fall from grace.

    But IMHO it goes deeper than that.... even into the Marino years and beyond:

    Consider that:

    We haven't been to the playoffs since 2008 (4 years)

    We havent won a playoff game since 2000 (12 years)

    We haven't Won a division game since 1992 (20 years)

    We havent Been to the conference championship since 1985 (27 years)

    We havent been to the superbowl since 1984 (28 years)

    We havent won a superbowl since 1973 (39 years)

    It just been a long time since this team was actually winning big. The Marino years were great and he always gave us a chance to go to the big show and that was exciting but we actually only got there one time. ONE time! One time with a HOF/Best of all time QB and that was early in his career.

    Even Jim Kelly took the Bills to the SB 4 times in a row! I know they lost all four times but they got there every year. That must have been exciting time for Bills fans!

    Its easy to feel fatigued and ready to pack up your Jerseys, a lot of people feel the same way...I mean look at the home game attendance....

    As bad as the stats above may seem, I do take some hope in them that we have to catch a break at some point.

    Anyway I know we are all frustrated and for some of us the frustration has been long suffering. I for one would be lying if I didn't admit I am feeling a bit frustrated but for me it's nice to understand some of the reasons I feel this way ....

    Lastly, keep your chins up phin fans I feel we got a great coach and a QB with tons of potential plus we all know that all it takes is for one great season to wipe this whole mess away and happy times will be here again!!

    Soldier on Fin Fans.
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