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Thread: We need a WV 'Get Real' thread!!

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    Re: We need a WV 'Get Real' thread!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJetsBlow View Post
    WV, where you at brother? This board needs a GET REAL thread- STAT.
    He was playing with Matty Ice's icicle. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casas9425 View Post
    What happened to your eye?
    He has a Little infection you get from playing with poop
    The above post is not subject to penalty under the TOS I declare the Hayden Fox defense. " It is impossible for the staff to know my context therefore I cannot be penalized"

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVDolphan View Post
    Cried for 2 hours after Matty Ice got his ass kicked in Carolina.

    Had to say it before someone else did.

    Nah, its not a big deal. Its just ****ed up right now. I scratched the **** out of it and now its all inflamed. The eyelid is swollen and it looks almost closed. I could barely see out of it this morning. I wouldnt have gone out in public today if I didnt have to.
    i was gonna say you got in a huge street fight with parcels over passing on matty ice and he poked you in the eye before running back to the magical fairy land where tackles win you games...

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