We have countless threads on the future of Jeff Ireland, while we also have a few as always on the future of the Fins logo. Both subjects bring much trepidation as well as emotion from the fan base. Finheaven member TheJetsBlow actually gave me an idea: what if Mike Dee ran the draft and Jeff Ireland redesigned the logo? Could things actually be much worse? Probably not.

So for this thread, let's see what your best idea of what the logo would look like if Jeff Ireland had full logo design authority. Use your imagination and creativity counts. Art skills are a plus.

I will pick a winner and the winner will get something cool. Not sure what yet, but it will be cool and will be totally free. I am thinking free Sunday Ticket next year by way of user name and password, using the online option for Sunday ticket viewing. As a 15 year subscriber, I will gladly share this online option with the winner.

The logos will be judged by:

artwork/Internet picture photoshop abilities/etc
best fit/applicability

Good luck! Let's just say the contest ends the second the actual redesigned logo is released....