OL Jake Long 5/60 mill (10-14 per season)
DL Randy Starks 4/28 mill (7 per season)
CB Sean Smith 4/24 mill (6 per season)
WR Brian Hartiline 4/20 mill (5 per season)
RB Reggie Bush 2/9 mill (4.5 per season)
TE Anthony Fasano 3/10 mill (3.3 per season)
FS Chris Clemons 1/3 mill (3 for the season)

takes up 38.8 million in cap space

Let walk
QB Matt Moore
DL Tony Mcdaniel
TE Jeron Mastrud

OL Richie Incognito -5.5 mill

WR Greg Jennings 4/42 mill (10-11 per season)
OL depth
DT depth
LB depth

I expect us to pick no later than 14
1. CB Dee Milliner Bama
2. WR Justin Hunter Tenn(trade our 2nd and 4th and future 5th to the top of the round)
2. DE Brandon Jenkins FSU(Colts pick)
3. OG Hugh Thornton ILLI
3. S Phillip Thomas Fresno State (Bears pick)
5. TE Joseph Fauria UCLA
6. QB Sean Renfree Duke
7. OL
7. DL

With this Offseason we focus on playmakers and feature positions and hope for development by our young players and getting back a healthy Richard Marshall. Could be a solid 2013 team with the addition of Jennings, Hunter, Milliner, Healthy Richard Marshall, extra pass rusher in Jenkins and a more developed Tannehill.