First off, since I'm waterlogged, I can only post here and I want to thank the administrators for this prvilege.

let me preface this draft converstaion by stating that this draft pretty much blows, and there isn't much talent even thouigh jeff has stock piled picks, so my advice would be to trade as many as he can for next year. hopefully some other GM will be able to make good use of them. But with the ones in the top 2-3 rounds he should select:

1. Keenan Allen: This is a no brainer. dude is a beast and Dolphins needs a beast at WR even if it's not an immediate impact.
2. Terrance Williams WR Baylor: This dude is a speedster who made use of RGIII at Baylor. He can play.

3. WR Marcus Sales, Syracuse. Always liked this dude, well since the pinstripe bowl against KState a few years ago.

4. Brandon Jenkins: A 3" shorter version of JPP. A mad dog. Dolphins need LBs and depth at the edge. We saw what happens when Wake or Misi go out, the rush and edge setting completely die out, and opposing teams rush around or pass at will.

There aren't any CB's in the draft. I like Poyer for athleticism and coverage a bit, but he is not a good tackler.

5. FS, Bacarri rambo is my preference, but I don't want to pair him up with reshad, they may hit the town a few too many times. Tony Jeffereson has great range and footwork, this would be a good addition. Zach Motta is a maddog, great tackler, Phins could use more depth in the late late rounds.

6. RB Cameron Marshall: Beast. I know dolphins are loaded at RB, but hey you never know.

7. Of the tight ends, I like Zach Sudfield of Nevada. Good blocker and good catcher, nice size, nice drive. Like him a lot.