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Well that's just it, one of the overlooked things about getting rid of Vontae was losing a physical speciman at CB that had 2 cheap years left under contract and not having to force yourself into a CB come round 1 in the 2013 draft when we could use a Keenan Allen or a Bjorn Werner. Now Dee Milner becomes a very realistic possibility in this draft and you pretty much have to resign Sean Smith, whether you wanted to or not.

I'd actually think come draft time he'll be a favorite along with one of the WR's as the first round pick. I seriously could see us resigning Starks and keeping Odrick at DE and taking MIlner, rather than drafting a DE and moving Odrick inside and rolling with Sean Smith, Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Jimmy Wilson and a 2nd/3rd round pick.
I could see it either way. It will depend on the signs Miami is giving off. I could see Miami doing a pretty decent sell job that after re-signing Sean Smith and combining him with Richard Marshall, they're essentially taken care of at the position, and that the problem for 2012 was just that Richard Marshall got hurt. It seems under-recognized how bad Marshall was really playing as a perimeter corner before he got hurt, and so I think a lot of people could end up forgetting that.