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Or, we could not make laws that manufacture criminals for the sake of privatized profit.
This sounds like of an episode of Stargate SG1. It sounds very far-fetched but there's no telling what our government might do. A lot of things that our government does now might have sounded far-fetched to our forefathers.

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The United States of America has the world's highest incarceration rate. We also have the world's most prisons at 4,575, more than 4 times that of 2nd place Russia at 1,029.
Might this partially be due to the fact that we have the world's most lenient laws and a criminal justice system that has a "beyond a reasonable doubt" requirement for conviction?

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The bottom line is, we need some asses in cells in order for the ridiculous amount of prisons we have to not be a colossal money waster, & justify their existence. This is very much part of the reason why we still have a drug-war.
Do you believe we have a "war on drugs" simply to justify the existence of prisons?

If our government was the slightest bit fiscally minded they'd save money by closing prisons so I don't think we incarcerate people just to justify the existence of prisons. I could understand our government viewing prisons as a jobs program and keeping them full to employ prison staff.