I see the opposite with Morris. I see a kid that's dishing out punishment to tacklers. This is the back he is... it's how he runs. Behind his pads. It's exactly what I liked about him as a prospect, I even compared his style to a young Ronnie Brown. You're not looking to get 10 years out of a late round pick at RB. The idea is to get as much production as possible as quickly as possible, as opposed to 10 years of sitting on the bench. A RB's best asset is always their youth. The scheme in Washington also benefits from Alfred Morris... he's a better back than anything Miami has on their roster. I will always disagree on Lamar Miller.... he's not my type of back. Hell, the Eagles picked a RB in the 7th round who only had 104 carries in college and hadn't played significantly since 2009 that's better than Lamar Miller.