The SEC is by far the top conference in college football year in and year out. Occasionally there are teams from other major conferences that can compete with the SECís best, but it's rare.
The fact is, the SEC is loaded not only with top collegiate talent, but top NFL talent as well.
The conference currently has 305 players in the NFL.
Of the 106 players in Super Bowl XLVI, 23 of them are former SEC players. The Giants have 10 on their roster and the Patriots have 13.

There are individual teams from other conferences that produce a large number of NFL players, such as Miami, USC and Ohio State, but no conference even comes close to the SEC.

The reason that the SEC has won the past six BCS national championships is pretty clear. They recruit NFL-caliber talent and mold them into elite players.

Maybe this is what Miami is missing. They need to stop looking for "acorn" and unknown soldiers and start drafting to win from a winning confeerence. The Patriots haven't been wrong doing so. Lastly, one of Miami's youngest great player, Rashad Jones is a former SEC Player.