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Sorry, but I cannot ever agree with the removal of science and evolution from schools. Evolution isn't a philosophy, it is an observable process that is essential to our understanding of biology. The knowledge of evolution does not degrade one's sense of self-worth. Personally, I find that suggestion both ludicrous and dangerous. But as I stated, I do believe that we need to apply the things that religion does well, mainly community building and support, and apply it to other facets of society.
I am not advocating removing science from schools. Observational science has been a huge asset to mankind. And I am not wanting to turn this thread into an evolution debate. My point is based on evolutionary thinking, which has permeated our schools. We are random acts of accidents with no purpose, no meaning, no hope for anything beyond what we can accomplish in this life. It lends itself to the point you where making earlier about social isolation of our youth. Would you agree with that?