Just listened to the John Elway interview talking about the success Peyton Manning has had making his comeback , why Elway believed in him and so on and why they went after him.
Of course Elway answered his hard work ethic and Manning's love for the game and the Doctors advice that he would make recovery 100%.

Then he was asked about the success of Andrew Luck specifically and how he compared to Andrew Luck in his rookie year and Elway said there was no comparison to him in his rookie year and that it goes to show how high schools and colleges have players more advanced today and ready to play in the NFL today. He mentioned RGIII in making his point and never even mentions Ryan Tannehill.

What's strange is if Manning is never injured and the Colts had a decent record, then Manning is never traded, the Bronco's have Tebow, someone else drafts Andrew Luck and everything changes.

It's interesting hearing at the start of the season Tannehill's name being mentioned in the same sentence as Luck, RGIII by all these experts at the beginning of the season, and the fact that Tannehill played wide receiver and knows exactly where ball placement needs to be, but we're not hearing that now are we.

That's Luck for you, many predicted Manning would land here, but history and John Elway changed all that.

It makes sense now, Peyton didn't want to face Tom Brady 3X a year, so he went to a weak division......!