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Control debates are just as common as free speech, abortion, religion, politics etc.... Extreme points of view on both sides of the fence, but to sit there and say a law abiding citizen that owns a gun and is exercising he or she's right to lawfully conceal carry it is bad or had never actually stopped a crime or prevented loss of life is just ignorant. Below is a link of a law abiding citizen using his gun to save lives so the above poster and his thoughts are simply wrong.


Events like these literally happen hundreds of times around the country they get a hit in the local news, maybe 15 seconds on a national outlet and then go away because the public doesn't care if the bad guy died. The media doesn't sensationalize it to all is forgotten.

This man was not wired right and like the men at Blacksburg, Va and Denver, Co a gun was their instrument of choice. Do you really think limiting access to a gun would have stopped any of those incidents? Doubtful they wanted to take life in a public venue at a high rate, all three men were mentally defunct but did have above average intelligence to say build a bomb, drive a car through a intersection bus stop etc. look at Timothy Mcvae he proves a sociopath has no limits to execute their plan. Gun control is eye wash and won't prevent these incidents it might postpone them till the bad guy finds other means but it won't stop someone hell bent in mass loss of life.

The real problem is our society has decided the villain has more rights then the victim! When a child is deemed at risk by a educator the system is designed to hide the issue rather then address it at a early stage. Talk to someone in education not a new teacher but one with over a decade of experience hell my mom was a elementary principal for 37 years she used to point at kids and say they would end up in prison and most did. Why because it is so obvious they had problem, but the parents fought the system and nothing could be done. For what it is worth she is not a gun person, but her first response to this was arm the teachers or administrators.
Yes, I truly believe that if Adam Lanza's mother didn't give her mentally ill son access to guns, especially a bushmaster, there wouldn't be 20 dead children with multiple shots each. Regarding V. Tech I truly believe that a more thorough NATIONAL (because he ordered one online from Green Bay) background check would have found that Cho had court-ordered mental health treatment only 2 years before rather than simply relying on him to tell the truth and that if he didn't have access to high capacity clips, the body count wouldn't have been so high.

Will realistic gun control measures (not banning all weapons, let's not be ridiculous) stop EVERY mass shooting? No, of course not, but it will certainly lessen the body counts and prevent many. How is the fact that it won't stop EVERY attack an excuse for inaction? If that's reason enough for not having a law, why do we have any laws at all? Laws against pedophilia certainly didn't stop Sandusky. Let's just drop laws against it then, because it clearly doesn't work.

Ban assault rifles, high capacity clips, and hollowpoints; limit ammo that can be purchased in a given period, ban ownership of guns if you or somebody in your household is a felon or mentally ill, and create a thorough national background check that doesn't rely solely on what information is volunteered. Do any of those stop you from owning a gun? No (unless you have a disqualifier such as felony or mental illness). Will it prevent ALL mass shootings? No. Will it prevent some without infringing on your rights outside of not being able to go to a range with an assault rifle? Yes.

Of course, that's only PART of the problem. We also have to deal with mental health in this country, but good luck with that considering that's that godawful thing that Americans absolutely despise: the health of all citizens. Mental health treatment is extremely costly and most greedy psychiatrists don't take insurance (or are "out of network"). Are we ready, as a nation, to invest in the treatment of those with mental health issues? Hell no, that's er muny!! I really wish that wasn't the case.

Sadly, neither of these things will be addressed. Nothing will change. Our kids will continue to die and it is the fault of all of us, because we as a nation completely fail at protecting them. The blood of 20 kids and 6 adults is on all of our hands' due to our collective inertia, and it most certainly won't be the last. But enjoy your weekend at the range with that really cool assault rifle. Totally worth it!