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I've read some passages from it, but never the whole thing. Apparently it is pretty much just a compilation of the work he has already published, so I'm sure I've studied most of it at one time or another. His work on the 2 systems of thought processes is good stuff, and very informative. Since you're pretty politically well-versed, I think it'll entertain you after reading up on that and then seeing how it applies to some of our more vocal public figures. If I remember correctly, he also did the study on framing, which is always good for a laugh. I know some of the Professors here are starting to add parts of it to their class's reading assignments, though. So that means it reads easier than a research paper.
Well, I'm not at all familiar with his work, so it sounds like a good place to get the basic idea.

How is that for your leisure reading, you pick up non-fiction scientific books? Most people go find something a little less dry. Any reading I do in my downtime is always fantasy or science fiction. I get as far away from that stuff as possible. But I also work with it daily, so that does have an effect...

Yeah, my night table reading is pretty dry. And sort of eccentric, I guess (I have five books stacked up there right now, and none of them is at all similar to the others). But compared to what I'm reading now -- a 200 page book on the budget process called Red Ink -- a book on cutting edge human psychology actually sounds pretty vibrant. But I'm only a dabbler in this stuff, really. If I read 400 pages on a subject I'll pretty much think I've got it and can move on, even though that's bull****. A lot of my reading ideas come from Fareed Zakaria's show, actually. His recommendations are pretty solid. That and the Daily Show.

I definitely don't read as much fiction as I used to, though. I turn to movies and TV for that. Sports, especially football, is where I scratch my escapism itch.