Whether it was negative karma, divine intervention or just god-awful luck, a couple of would-be thieves learned a painful lesson while trying to rob a Houston church.

Westway Baptist Church is without power after the unidentified men apparently attempted to steal the building's main electric cable for its copper and set off an explosion.

"Our security alarms went off at 2 a.m. on Wednesday and that's when our church member Homer Pate notified the Harris County Sheriff's department of the robbery," head deacon Michael Kirtley told ABC News.

A surveillance camera caught the incident on tape. The video shows a truck pulling up, followed by one man cutting the wires near the street, possibly attempting to disconnect the main power line.

The video also showed the other man cutting the wires at the breaker box, followed by the explosion. The bolt cutters exploded upon contact with the copper wire.

"The man just blew up into a fire ball," Kirtley said. "I surely don't know if he was electrocuted or even alive."

The church is calling on all local medical facilities to help find the alleged thieves. "If they encounter someone with suspicious burn wounds, we urge them to inform the authorities," he said.

Would have paid to hear the reaction from the other knucklehead involved.