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Thread: Charlie Campbell Walter football mock, 14 december

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    Good point CK. in what round is fauria projected? Might I have seen him mocked in the 4-5 round range?
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    I heard this weekend that Fasano is as FA. I thought that was wrong but if that is so, then I am about resigning Fasano and getting another TE. But we need one who can block as well which Fauria seems more like a red zone threat and Eifert is equally good as blocker as much as he is reciever.

    For receiver, I would be against drafting one in first round and instead would rather get a veteran like Wallace or Bowe and then Swope is a nice compliment to RT immediately. That is why Swope could be more successful earlier than another 1st round pick because he already knows this offense.

    My ultimate:

    sign Bush, Hartline, Fasano (if true), Starks, Jake Long (maybe)

    Get Wallace or Bowe in FA and a G (look buffalo's way)

    1. Eifert (I dont care if people think he would be drafted too high, he is a football player who Philbin covets and would be way better than ginns family at 9)
    2. Poyer CB
    2. Baccarri Rambo S
    3. Joseph Fauria (3 TE's with blocking power would give a full deck to RT and Reggie Bush just may make run at leader)
    3. Ryan Swope (will contribute alot by second half of season)
    4. RT or G
    5. RT or G

    This team does not need a boatload of WR's like people think but two with one being a vet is big lift to this team and much better idea than drafting a 1st rounder who will take a couple of years to develope. I dont care what anyone says, look at how many 1st round WR's make instant impact? not many.

    Also, 1st round pick I would be happy with any DE, OLB, CB, S, or MLB as BPA because you can then get another position in round two vice versa above. Thats it for me. Then I would wish I were rich so I could buy season tickets and a condo in S. Florida.
    1. Melvin Gordon RB
    2. Bernardrick McKinney ILB
    3. Steve Nelson CB
    4. John Miller G
    5. Adrian Amos FS
    5. Kenny Bell WR
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