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I would never say FORCING anyone to carry a gun against their will could be a good idea, never.

There are several instances of citizens ending incidents that could have been much worse because they carry. I'm sorry in almost every instance these guys seem to not want a fight, they seem to exterminate themselves rather than fight a "fair" fight, look no further than the mall shooting last week.

Can CCW's always help? Maybe not, but in those situations I would rather take my chances with them.
If you know your gun, are proficient in its use and are not the type of person to swing their dick and cause incidents, then yes you very well could be a better off diffusing a real situation. You may be one of the responsible ones. Judging by your posts, you probably are. But I know enough about the average intelligence and temper fuse of the average American to know I dont want most people carrying a gun.