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Let me ask you a question, because I think it is obvious to everyone in this thread that yourself and a few others that are backing Saban are Alabama Alum..

Let's pretend that it is January 8th and Saban is giving a day after press conference following the victory/loss to Notre Dame. He is asked if the rumors are true that he is looking at becoming the Browns head coach, he strongly denies it and reiterates his commitment to Alabama. Now on January 9th or 10th Saban gives another press conference, however this one just happens to be in Cleveland, Ohio as he is being introduced as the Browns new head coach. Would the blind Bama sheep just smile and wish him well, or would there be some anger or "butt hurt" as you put it? How would you react after two or three likely failed years with the Browns he returns to the SEC, this time as the Auburn Tigers head coach. How does that sound?
(1) Auburn is a bad example....It's not a step up,like Alabama was a step up over Miami.
(We can fill up a large stadium.)
(2) 3 Possible titles in 6 years...after what we went though with that idiot Shula...Saban has done his job...What more could you ask for?
(3) Like LSU before us,,After Nick left,Les Miles,using the same procees kept LSU in the National picture...Kirby Smart will do the same.
(4) Nick is only going to coach for about five more years...he is 61 now....rebuiding a pro team and then coming back to college..well....there isn't enough time.
(5) I would say "Thanks Nick...Great Job!"
(6)Everybody on this board knows I went to Bama,so the word sheep doesn't fit.
That only goes for people following a failed idea six years later.
(7)Shut your dirty whore mouth when you speak of the Capstone.
(8)Bama going for it's 3rd title in 6 years...Miami has missed the playoffs for the 10th
time in eleven years...and you guys still talk about Saban....So who's the Wolf and who is
the sheep?...you silly sweater.