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Thread: Nick Saban on 790 The Ticket

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    Engineering....my family's steel business did the modifications on the Orange Bowl in the 70's..hence why I'm a Dolphins fan.

    Sorry..but Miami IS the Western Carolina of the NFL.
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    Alabama fans have been through what Dolphins fans went through with Saban, except much, much worse. I remember when Dennis Franchione left in the middle of the night to take the Texas A&M job.... literally... left in the middle of the night. There was a time when Franchione's feet couldn't touch pavement in the state of Alabama or he would've had to deal with some trouble from some lunatic fan. I still don't care for him, but I don't hate the guy or try to waste too much time judging him like Dolphin fans do with Saban. Nobody is in a position to do so. Nobody that I know defends Saban because he's Alabama's coach just because they're an Alabama fan. We've always defended him with facts. Period. Just like the guy who wanted to change his handle on here because he didn't like the name he had chosen, Saban realized he wasn't happy in the NFL, and his family wasn't happy in Miami. He only accepted the job in the first place after denying Huizenga at least a half dozen times to begin with.... but Wayne wouldn't quit or accept no for an answer. It was never going to work. Especially when Saban realized he couldn't even hire the coaches he wanted despite being promised "full control". The bottom line is that both sides made mistakes, and the fact that it didn't work out falls on both sides. We can literally discuss every single issue one by one again like we've done several times already, but there would be no point. Nobody is required to like Nick Saban. However, he deserves more slack than what most of the Dolphin fanbase, and hack south Florida media are willing to give. But the reality is it doesn't matter if he gets it or not. Dolphin fans and Dolphin sportswriters will still have to deal with the most poorly run, and most clueless organization in sports... while Nick Saban continues winning championships. Dan Marino didn't last as long as Saban did... for a reason.
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